Can finding the right sponsor be a “DIY” task?

Author Name 25/10/2017 Categories: SPONSOR.ONLINE Team

Well, the answer is simple. Yes, it can.

A short example. Imagine you’d want to go on holiday with your family abroad 20 years ago. You’d have to physically visit the travel agent, or at least call one to consult the options.

You’d explain your expectations and budget and would receive an offer that would most probably consist of  airline tickets (that btw had to be delivered physically or picked-up at the airport), the destination and hotel’s overview etc. You’d pay the price to the agent that would include his commission. Travel agents also charged airlines and hotels a commission.

Today? Everyone offers single-click solutions! Air tickets – click, accommodation – click. A car? Another click. So why should you bother in the age of UBER and AirBnB to sell your sponsorship space the way tickets were sold more than 20 years ago. You have to call an agency, partner, or a friend. Even a parent of some kid from your team, who’s in a position to help. Prepare useless presentations about your club, goals and achievements and literally beg for every single penny that your team needs to be able to perform. To breathe.

What’s the worst part of all of this? Half of your friends take you for that annoying, overenthusiastic coach or club member, that always asks for money. As if it would be for you!? Unanswered calls, hundreds of emails never replied. And then, when you finally get your grip over a potential sponsor – a commission fee for making this happen to whatever agency needs to be paid. Did you know, that from every dollar, up to forty cents is lost on its way to the club or athlete? Agencies, middlemen, lawyers, associations etc.

We at SPONSOR.ONLINE believe, that time has changed. You and your team are the sole owners both of your dreams and your jerseys. Your stadium banners and Twitter or Facebook accounts. You know best what you represent and what kind of sponsor you want to represent with pride. Here’s a simple DIY instruction that won’t take you more than a minute to complete.


  1. Create an account at
  2. Choose the available branding space on apparel or stadium
  3. Post an auction
  4. Get your sponsor


As simple as that! We do the rest. Just sit back and watch. And the best part? No one’s ever gonna call you and ask for some hidden fee or commission. We are building a transparent community and only charge a 6% fee from any sponsorship you receive. This goes to cover contract management, legal stuff, website hosting, and a range of other back-end tasks, all covered by us.

Post your item completely for free and let our system identify the best matching sponsors for you and your team. We have them lined-up for you! From global brands to local grocery stores, your perfect sponsor is waiting just around the corner.


So why not “do it yourself”  now? Join us today and help us build a movement of transparent and fair sport environment.