Small businesses reshaping sport sponsorship

Author Name 27/10/2017 Categories: SPONSOR.ONLINE Team

It’s 1967. The Packers are facing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The eyes of a nation are watching. The price for a 30 second commercial during the game? $ 42.500 – an unbelievably high sum that only a few mega corporations could afford at that era.

The 2017 price tag? $ 5.000.000. No need to explain what a 5 mil boost could do once added to your marketing budget. Most of the U.S. companies (75% according to Forbes) create turnovers of under $ 1.000.000. On the other hand, 3.000 American companies produce over one billion in revenues. Let’s put it that into an easy formula:


75% of American companies would need to spend their whole 5-year turnover for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl!


The price of a Super Bowl ad has always been set by market, and there’s nothing wrong with this. The question here is: how can the 75%, the small and medium businesses achieve a trackable ROI through its investment into sport sponsorship? Having a positive social impact on your community is really nice thing, but would that bring you new customers? Would that increase your revenues? How much of each dollar spent on sponsorship would come back in return? In what way? And when? Most of the small businesses don’t have its own marketing department and have to rely on marketing agencies. From posters and ads in local TV to some investment in social media. All well and good, but where’s the result? Sport is the ultimate environment where humankind connect. Since ancient times. We were made to compete. And we love to identify with the winners. That’s why in the U.S., more than 25 billion dollars is spent on sport sponsorship yearly. This represent more than half of global spending.


We believe that new technologies are in favor of small and medium businesses as most of the work that needed to be done manually by someone at marketing agency can be overcome by so-called “machine learning”. Most of the marketing agencies wouldn’t bother to find you any team or talented athlete that would represent you for $ 5.000. We at SPOSNOR.ONLINE have developed a platform that is super easy to use and represent our passion for simplicity. Believe it or not, there are clubs ready to proudly advocate your brand from as low as $ 1.000. Now wait for the best part. Our deep learning algorithm pick clubs, that mostly suits your values, but also thanks to the information we gather from clubs – we can identify your target  customers. We don’t possess any super-secret data about them, but at least we know their purchasing patterns. Your brand will be visible to your existing customers and to your future ones. And thanks to machine learning, our technology can detect opportunities that you mightn’t have even considered. Believe or not, we saw a meat processing company sponsoring a club that had one of the highest rate of vegetarians among its fans. Let’s jump directly to it:


  1. Create an account at SPONSOR.ONLINE
  2. Tell us the basics of your business
  3. Let us do the heavy-lifting in finding your customers among the clubs
  4. Bid only on the clubs that fully match your strategy
  5. Let us take care of ROI and other metrics together with proofs
  6. See your logo placed on the right places and prepare for new and loyal customers


Hope to welcome you soon at our platform – a transparent market place, connecting the right sponsors with the right clubs.