Promote yourself like a PRO and get your sponsor!

Author Name 11/11/2017 Categories: SPONSOR.ONLINE Team

Success belongs to those who are willing to do more than the others. This differs between those who will forever be just average and those who’ll step out of the line.  We all struggle from time to time. We lack motivation, sometimes we even question ourselves. The cause we ‘been fighting for years. In sport, money is crucial. It’s a scarce resource that gives us new Most of us will forever blame the money (their insufficiency) for their poor on-the-pitch performance. Some of us understand that there’s much more in sport than just creating future stars and billionaires. Sport is a life style with strongest social & physical impact on kids and youth as well as life time athletes. Well spent childhood and high school years is often worth much more than a dream of becoming a pro. Mostly from retrospective. And it doesn’t mean that becoming a pro is not a good thing! The opposite – it’s the ultimate goal of each young athlete. But we all know that less than 0.16% of all physically active children will become recognized athletes one day. We got some good news for 100% of us. Thanks to our new platform – SPONSOR.ONLINE, it has become extremely easy and simple to get money into your club. Once you create your account here and post an auction on any spare sponsorship or advertisement space you have available, sponsors get notified and our system automatically selects those fitting well into your sponsorship strategy. While there are more and more auctions being posted every day, one starts asking on how the sponsor will find your team. Here are some insights from our end, we hope they’ll help you to find the right sponsor.


Think like a PRO


Being a marketing VP of large corporation, would invest into the club that only uploaded the logo from the google search? No picture of the team? No emotion? Of course not. The auction represents you. It is you. Your signature. Your result. Make it look professional. It doesn’t matter that you’re a local little league team. Show the companies you are worth their money.


The more you tell…


The more info you input on your profile and auction posting, the easier it is for our machine learning system to identify the right sponsor for you. Now from the kitchen: we got an east-coast car parts distributor that is interested to invest and sponsor in any youth club that has a capacity of stadium between 500 and 5.000. If you don’t tell us this information, the system will not recognize you and will not add you to the bundle offer that sponsor is creating. But don’t worry. We are browsing the auctions manually too and try to correct the mistakes.


Do some extra homework


Why not to share your story? Go beyond the minimal requirements and do something more. Shoot a short video about your team, present the players, coaches and crucial persons that help your team with everyday life. People love to go behind the scenes. And sponsors are no exception. You don’t need to hire a director or cameraman for this. Let’s shoot in on your smartphone, edit it, add some music and you’re there. There’s no rocket science in that. A short promotional video of your team can be decisive factor for your new sponsor. So why not shoot one and post it on our twitter page at . We’ll pick most touching stories and award them with 1.000 bucks that will be added to your first auction.


So, you already made $ 1.000 for your club just by reading this post! Thanks for helping us creating one transparent marketplace that connects athletes and clubs with right sponsors!