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AboutHayden Rose Ramirez

I am your ordinary 8 year old, who love’s pizza and ice cream. I enjoy math and reading, oh yeah, & spending time with my family (when I have time). My most of all favorite thing to do is Gymnastics


I am skipping a level this season and will be competing at Level 3 in AAU. My biggest competition this season, is my cousin Emily! She was the Age 7: AAU Level 2 Kansas All-Around Champion. So competition is going to be fierce and exciting! If you sponser me, I will place your brand on a piece of clothing that I will wear at every competition this year. And as far as practices go, I can brand my forhead. Your brand will be seen by thousands! Your name will be worn in front of 1,000’s of gymanst in Kansas, and 1,000’s of gymnasts at Nationals and showcased in front of the best gymnasts accros the nation! I will support you, if you support me. Sponsorship talks!
My gym is amongst the best in Kansas, and we are claiming our spot across the nation, and letting everyone know we are here to stay! If you would like team sponsorship, I am sure we can sweet talk coach with a chocolate cake and a check! 🙂
Don’t get confused by my nice smile, amazing flips and stack of metals, because gymnastics isn’t my only game. I also play in the classroom, where I am a straight A student, with an IQ of a brilliant 8 year old….scientist. I love reading, bit my favorite subject is math. I love numbers!… Especially the number 1.

This, I will leave up to the sponsor(s).  I am only 8, you know.This, I will leave up to the sponsor(s). I am only 8, you know.

I will wear your brand anywhere, except for competition Leo (rules). I will wear your brand before, during, and after competitions. I will make sure that gymnasts see your brand. Practice leos count

Parents and family  social mediaParents and family social media

My family always goes to social media with pic's, results, updates on season. I will make sure your sponsorship & brand is recognized & promoted. My mom is a marketing director & and advertises aton

Logo on shorts (open to ideas)Logo on shorts (open to ideas)

I can support sponsors with their logo on shorts, which will be worn before & after practices, competitions, traveling, NATIONALS competition....your brand will be seen!

You tell me!You tell me!

I am up to hear any ideas that sponsors have on me promoting their brand! Whatever it takes for me to gain your sponsorship! Wrestle an alligator?....competion starts in January

Match-Papo Match-Papo

Please out-bid grandpa Papo! He owns a plumping business and I don't want to be seen with a toilet seat on my head! I will promote only your brand during the Nationals Level 3 metal ceramony.

Let the new generation begin!Let the new generation begin!

If you work for me, I will work for you! Let's take advantage of something not being done in a sport that is gaining popularity in the young generation. Lets make dream's come true, together!

Club details

Stadium location
Association Association I compete for FlipZone Gymnastics
League League 1st
Stadium Stadium FlipZone Gymnastics
Stadium capacity Stadium capacity Veries from gym to gym
Number of fans Number of fans 100000000
Last season position Last season position 2017 Age 8: AAU Level 1 - Bars, Floor, Vault, & All-Around Kansas Champion and silver on the beam. 2017 Age 8: AAU Level 1 - Beam & All-Around National Champion, silver on vault & floor. 2017 AAU All-American Award