Venue Management

Venue is an important aspect for all types of sports across the globe, hence it is of at most importance to have the venue managed properly and keep the environment of the venue attractive for the spectators. By “Attractive” I am not just referring to the looks of the venue but also to how the space inside the Stadium is designed to make the spectators comfortable and help them enjoy the game even more

A lot of theory and facts go into the decision of designing a venue for any sport, for e.g., we should be able to read the taste of our spectators which will forever be changing according to the evolution of the sport and technology. We need to understand what makes a spectator happy to be at the venue, like:

  1. Friendly ambience: First and foremost, aspect that will stay in the spectator’s mind is the user-friendly atmosphere that shall be made available for them on the match day which makes them be at their best comfort and enjoy the match. Ambience will include the lighting, cleanliness, behavior of security staff, proper signages, etc.
  2. Access to Stadium: We should be able to guide the spectators to our stadium by keeping informed about the various options they have to commute to the venue (e.g., bus timings, walking routes, metro timings, etc.)
  3. Entry and Exit at the Stadium: We should be able to provide smooth entry and exit for the spectator, which will make the spectator feel at ease before and after the game. Entry to the Stadium does not usually happen in mass entry but exits usually will be in mass, hence it should be a priority for the venue to guide the spectators properly out of the stadium
  4. Food & Beverages: F&B is one of the important aspects that positions the venue in a spectator’s mind and make him/her excited to revisit the venue again. The options a spectator gets in F&B, easy access and the facilities that are entertained to him/her; like bringing his order to the seat, or providing facilities for the spectator to enjoy his food along with his friends and family before he enters the stadium is very important options to be considered while designing the F&B counters and features
  5. Security and Safety: A sense of safety helps the spectator enjoy the game even more as he need not worried about the security and safety of himself and his properties. Also, a safe and secure venue enables the spectator to revisit the venue for future matches
  6. Technology: In this age of information, technology and connectivity will play a pivotal role in connecting fans to the game, which will enable them to connect to event as deep as possible by knowing current updates on games happening at other stadium in the same league which gives them a upper hand in all match related information

Above mentioned are only a few points, working on which shall elevate the venue management team’s performance and improve the venue experience for the spectators.

Myself being a part of a Venue Management team know how much effort each of its members put into making the venue experience blissful for the spectators and I believe that more can be done to escalate the experience by bringing more innovation to the venue



Technical & Operations manager

Al Wahda Club Football Sports Company LLC

Sports Academics

Sports Academics has been largely undermined in many countries as many feel they both do not go together and truth being the opposite. There is a lot of education, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and management that goes in to all genres of sports. We just do not see the opportunity even though its there right before us.

I am associated with football as a fan and employee, so I have decided to key in a few words of my vision for football in Asian countries. I was born and bought up in United Arab Emirates, I have lived here for many years and have loved every aspect of this nation; this country has a diverse population with almost 75-80% of the population being expats, which should give the football here a very diverse audience. But we have not been able to tap in to this population and gain their attention to UAE football as spectators.

We have almost 12 major clubs across UAE who are able showcase football at international standards with the presence of talented  international and national players and having competitive football in the region. Clubs from UAE have been major players in AFC Competitions for many years and their national league matches are also of international standards. I feel the marketing and communication has not been able to connect to the major mass of the population in UAE which does not allow the expat football enthusiast to connect with the game and UAE Football. Even-tough most of them follow football leagues in Europe and their home countries they are yet to notice the quality of UAE football.

Expats are here for a better quality life, education, work environment and fun; they spend more of their energy and money for the aforementioned things, hence if we do not connect with them then the football in this region shall remain secluded from this diverse population and shall deprive the clubs from growing beyond the boundaries of the Stadium.

soccer training

I believe our Football Academies can play the pivotal role of a catalyst to attract international attention to UAE football by widening their horizons of functionality. They can do this by converting themselves into institution which will train and impart knowledge not only on football alone but also regarding various aspects of Sports like sports journalism, sports medicine, etc. Instead of providing only evening training courses for football, they should be able function as a full-time institution that provides full-time courses which certifies individuals in different areas of Sports. This will bring together academics and sports which will promote UAE football among the diverse population living in this nation.

I am sure that this calls in for a huge investment the sports infrastructure and the human resource required for these institution but I believe that the only thing that cannot be robed from an individual is his/her quality and education which will justify the investment. A major benefit for the football clubs here through these academies would be to have a big resource pool of football players and other sports professionals which will reduce they money and time they have to invest on finding talent.


Author: Thejus Pushparaj

Technical & Operations manager

Al Wahda Club Football Sports Company LLC


Promote yourself like a PRO and get your sponsor!

Success belongs to those who are willing to do more than the others. This differs between those who will forever be just average and those who’ll step out of the line.  We all struggle from time to time. We lack motivation, sometimes we even question ourselves. The cause we ‘been fighting for years. In sport, money is crucial. It’s a scarce resource that gives us new Most of us will forever blame the money (their insufficiency) for their poor on-the-pitch performance. Some of us understand that there’s much more in sport than just creating future stars and billionaires. Sport is a life style with strongest social & physical impact on kids and youth as well as life time athletes. Well spent childhood and high school years is often worth much more than a dream of becoming a pro. Mostly from retrospective. And it doesn’t mean that becoming a pro is not a good thing! The opposite – it’s the ultimate goal of each young athlete. But we all know that less than 0.16% of all physically active children will become recognized athletes one day. We got some good news for 100% of us. Thanks to our new platform – SPONSOR.ONLINE, it has become extremely easy and simple to get money into your club. Once you create your account here and post an auction on any spare sponsorship or advertisement space you have available, sponsors get notified and our system automatically selects those fitting well into your sponsorship strategy. While there are more and more auctions being posted every day, one starts asking on how the sponsor will find your team. Here are some insights from our end, we hope they’ll help you to find the right sponsor.


Think like a PRO


Being a marketing VP of large corporation, would invest into the club that only uploaded the logo from the google search? No picture of the team? No emotion? Of course not. The auction represents you. It is you. Your signature. Your result. Make it look professional. It doesn’t matter that you’re a local little league team. Show the companies you are worth their money.


The more you tell…


The more info you input on your profile and auction posting, the easier it is for our machine learning system to identify the right sponsor for you. Now from the kitchen: we got an east-coast car parts distributor that is interested to invest and sponsor in any youth club that has a capacity of stadium between 500 and 5.000. If you don’t tell us this information, the system will not recognize you and will not add you to the bundle offer that sponsor is creating. But don’t worry. We are browsing the auctions manually too and try to correct the mistakes.


Do some extra homework


Why not to share your story? Go beyond the minimal requirements and do something more. Shoot a short video about your team, present the players, coaches and crucial persons that help your team with everyday life. People love to go behind the scenes. And sponsors are no exception. You don’t need to hire a director or cameraman for this. Let’s shoot in on your smartphone, edit it, add some music and you’re there. There’s no rocket science in that. A short promotional video of your team can be decisive factor for your new sponsor. So why not shoot one and post it on our twitter page at . We’ll pick most touching stories and award them with 1.000 bucks that will be added to your first auction.


So, you already made $ 1.000 for your club just by reading this post! Thanks for helping us creating one transparent marketplace that connects athletes and clubs with right sponsors!











Small businesses reshaping sport sponsorship

It’s 1967. The Packers are facing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The eyes of a nation are watching. The price for a 30 second commercial during the game? $ 42.500 – an unbelievably high sum that only a few mega corporations could afford at that era.

The 2017 price tag? $ 5.000.000. No need to explain what a 5 mil boost could do once added to your marketing budget. Most of the U.S. companies (75% according to Forbes) create turnovers of under $ 1.000.000. On the other hand, 3.000 American companies produce over one billion in revenues. Let’s put it that into an easy formula:


75% of American companies would need to spend their whole 5-year turnover for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl!


The price of a Super Bowl ad has always been set by market, and there’s nothing wrong with this. The question here is: how can the 75%, the small and medium businesses achieve a trackable ROI through its investment into sport sponsorship? Having a positive social impact on your community is really nice thing, but would that bring you new customers? Would that increase your revenues? How much of each dollar spent on sponsorship would come back in return? In what way? And when? Most of the small businesses don’t have its own marketing department and have to rely on marketing agencies. From posters and ads in local TV to some investment in social media. All well and good, but where’s the result? Sport is the ultimate environment where humankind connect. Since ancient times. We were made to compete. And we love to identify with the winners. That’s why in the U.S., more than 25 billion dollars is spent on sport sponsorship yearly. This represent more than half of global spending.


We believe that new technologies are in favor of small and medium businesses as most of the work that needed to be done manually by someone at marketing agency can be overcome by so-called “machine learning”. Most of the marketing agencies wouldn’t bother to find you any team or talented athlete that would represent you for $ 5.000. We at SPOSNOR.ONLINE have developed a platform that is super easy to use and represent our passion for simplicity. Believe it or not, there are clubs ready to proudly advocate your brand from as low as $ 1.000. Now wait for the best part. Our deep learning algorithm pick clubs, that mostly suits your values, but also thanks to the information we gather from clubs – we can identify your target  customers. We don’t possess any super-secret data about them, but at least we know their purchasing patterns. Your brand will be visible to your existing customers and to your future ones. And thanks to machine learning, our technology can detect opportunities that you mightn’t have even considered. Believe or not, we saw a meat processing company sponsoring a club that had one of the highest rate of vegetarians among its fans. Let’s jump directly to it:


  1. Create an account at SPONSOR.ONLINE
  2. Tell us the basics of your business
  3. Let us do the heavy-lifting in finding your customers among the clubs
  4. Bid only on the clubs that fully match your strategy
  5. Let us take care of ROI and other metrics together with proofs
  6. See your logo placed on the right places and prepare for new and loyal customers


Hope to welcome you soon at our platform – a transparent market place, connecting the right sponsors with the right clubs.



Can finding the right sponsor be a “DIY” task?

Well, the answer is simple. Yes, it can.

A short example. Imagine you’d want to go on holiday with your family abroad 20 years ago. You’d have to physically visit the travel agent, or at least call one to consult the options.

You’d explain your expectations and budget and would receive an offer that would most probably consist of  airline tickets (that btw had to be delivered physically or picked-up at the airport), the destination and hotel’s overview etc. You’d pay the price to the agent that would include his commission. Travel agents also charged airlines and hotels a commission.

Today? Everyone offers single-click solutions! Air tickets – click, accommodation – click. A car? Another click. So why should you bother in the age of UBER and AirBnB to sell your sponsorship space the way tickets were sold more than 20 years ago. You have to call an agency, partner, or a friend. Even a parent of some kid from your team, who’s in a position to help. Prepare useless presentations about your club, goals and achievements and literally beg for every single penny that your team needs to be able to perform. To breathe.

What’s the worst part of all of this? Half of your friends take you for that annoying, overenthusiastic coach or club member, that always asks for money. As if it would be for you!? Unanswered calls, hundreds of emails never replied. And then, when you finally get your grip over a potential sponsor – a commission fee for making this happen to whatever agency needs to be paid. Did you know, that from every dollar, up to forty cents is lost on its way to the club or athlete? Agencies, middlemen, lawyers, associations etc.

We at SPONSOR.ONLINE believe, that time has changed. You and your team are the sole owners both of your dreams and your jerseys. Your stadium banners and Twitter or Facebook accounts. You know best what you represent and what kind of sponsor you want to represent with pride. Here’s a simple DIY instruction that won’t take you more than a minute to complete.


  1. Create an account at
  2. Choose the available branding space on apparel or stadium
  3. Post an auction
  4. Get your sponsor


As simple as that! We do the rest. Just sit back and watch. And the best part? No one’s ever gonna call you and ask for some hidden fee or commission. We are building a transparent community and only charge a 6% fee from any sponsorship you receive. This goes to cover contract management, legal stuff, website hosting, and a range of other back-end tasks, all covered by us.

Post your item completely for free and let our system identify the best matching sponsors for you and your team. We have them lined-up for you! From global brands to local grocery stores, your perfect sponsor is waiting just around the corner.


So why not “do it yourself”  now? Join us today and help us build a movement of transparent and fair sport environment.



How to attract the RIGHT sponsor

Hi there,


After another hard day of training or coaching you just came home with the same question on your mind. Where to get money to keep on? Since the dawn of mankind, success is defined not only by wisdom, but by access to resources. What can you do to become an attractive asset for a potential sponsor? How can you get money to improve yourself, your team’s performance and so on. Here are some basics tips for a successful marketing sponsorship strategy.


Define yourself:


Who are you? What do you represent? What are your core values? These questions must be clear to you before you decide to start approaching any potential sponsors. Are you a good guy or a badass? Might sound strange, but just as we identify with different archetypes of role models; different brands search for athletes and clubs that represents their core values. No Beef Jerk producer would want to have a yoga vegetarian as the brand ambassador as much as none of the clean energy producers would stick their logo on a monster truck. Build your image based on what you believe in.


Asses your social reach:


How active are you on social medias? Don’t panic if you only have a couple of hundred followers. At least they are authentic and are your true supporters. Also, if your game has never been broadcasted – no problem. Today’s world of sport is changing and large brands are try to get closer to their customers. It’s not a big deal to get on the radar. There are several free solutions that help to capture and share your moments of glory. We recommend – a super easy way to create an online presence for you and your team. You need to do a little homework here, but don’t worry. Even if you only generate 500 views, the system recognizes their purchase behaving and targets them with the right ad. It also lets you make some money through advertisements or invite your own sponsor to do so.


Traditional offer in a new way


In a perfect world, sponsors are already be knocking on your door. But back to the reality. You can call an agency that represents top spenders in sport sponsorship. They rarely get back to you and if yes, will most probably charge you a ridiculously high hourly rate without any guarantees. Again, you are willing to do more. That’s what sport is about, isn’t it?  Why not post an auction on an online sport sponsorship marketplace? We have created the simplest and easiest platform that enables you to create and post an auction in under one minute. You can do so at The system automatically determines the right sponsors for you and lets them know about your auction. Jersey branding, stadium banners or any other spare space you can offer. It’s free and easy to use with attractive referral program, so that the more rivals and clubs you invite, the more money will be added to your winning bid.


Less is more


Be clear and specific in what you want to offer. This goes also for our first point; defining yourself. Make sure your post is easy to understand and defines what you are offering in the auction. Some clubs put all their spaces for a higher price – a common mistake that should be avoided. Post one offer at a time with a clear message: “Chest Sponsor for upcoming season”. You already provided all your available data in a signup process so once you post a single item for a reasonable price – the system again notifies potential sponsors. Only offer what you can really deliver and try to be realistic in the matter of price tag. Lots of sponsors set their alerts for relatively low starting price, but are able to outbid the competition once thing get serious. Also, you can be invited to a bundle deal if one sponsor is looking for more clubs. This is only possible if your message is clear and posted item clearly defined.


Be cautious with association’s terms


While we’ve got you covered with all the legal issues, it’s still you who shall be aware of the sponsorship association and its limitations. Avoid double branding. We will not invite industry specific sponsors, once you set that option in the auction menu. If you already have an energy drink sponsor, we wouldn’t let its competitors to bid on your auction, unless it’s a future season contract and you want to change that for any reason. Often, associations have its main partners (name of the league) and do not allow clubs to be sponsored by their direct rivals. It’s always better to get in touch with our support beforehand. We will gladly check your options and set the auction right to be a success for you.


We hope you found our insights useful and are here to help you with any questions. Just get in touch. Together, we will create one transparent community, that is able to play fair.



Welcome to Sponsor.Online!

Hi there,

Welcome to our new platform that only has one single goal: Connect clubs and athletes with sponsors. The right sponsors to be precise. And vice versa too. Simplicity is our religion. Though the interface might look a bit too simple – there’s a lot going on underneath the hood.

Our dream is to create a single transparent marketplace that will allow teams of any size or league to find the right sponsors for them. Loyalty knows no division and we know that you work hard and deserve respect for what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you train little kids, preparing them to be the sports stars of tomorrow, or if you’re a manager of a top-division club. We want to make your route to finding a sponsor simple, easy and transparent.

So why are we doing this?

We’ve been on both sides of the table. As board members of football clubs, we struggled to attract sponsors. We tried everything – literally everything to get the right sponsor on board. Finally, we found an agency that could bring us a sponsor. This company didn’t match with any of our core values, but we were happy to receive the contract nonetheless. The worst is yet to come. We had to pay 33% commission to the agency. Nonsense, we thought at first. Later we found that according to statistics, from each dollar spent on sport sponsorship, up to 40 cents is lost on its way to the club or athlete.

That’s why we are here today trying to change the industry. Join us today, and you will not only help your own team, but thousands of others as our bargain power will increase with each new member.

The good news is that we already have strong brands waiting for you here on our platform and ready to support you.

So, start by posting your available sponsorship space, set your realistic estimations and let us do the rest.